MOOS @ Buckeye

Launched in January 2015, the MOOS program has operated in Cleveland's Buckeye neighborhood for over two years. Our first project site was Britt Oval, an open space owned by Cleveland Neighborhood Progress, located across the street from St. Luke's Pointe. Once a vacant hospital building, St. Luke's Pointe is now home to numerous community organizations and a 72-apartment senior housing facility. 

Through hands-on after-school and summer workshops, MOOS students work closely with neighbors, local employees, and design professionals to build a range of public space improvements. Both temporary and permanent projects are constructed outdoors for community members to test. Employing an iterative design process and full-scale prototypes, students develop real solutions that adapt to weather conditions and user preferences. The MOOS program enables youth to guide future investments for their neighborhood.

Project partners in Buckeye include:

Boys and Girls Club at Saint Luke's Manor

Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

Malcolm Burton Founder of My Brother My Sister youth engagement program

D'Angelo Knuckles, Buckeye neighborhood community leader and founder of weekly live Internet show, "Real Talk with Mr. Knuckles"

Following a successful inaugural year of workshops and built playscapes, the MOOS project continues on Britt Oval into 2017. The second year of activities enabled deeper community engagement through partnerships established at the Boys & Girls Club and the East End Neighborhood House’s My Brother My Sister program. 12 students participate in each year of MOOS program, including a few returning students and first-time participants.

In addition to improvements on the Britt Oval green space, the second year activities addressed other placemaking opportunities nearby, including improved pedestrian crosswalks, neighborhood wayfinding, transit waiting environments, and public art installations. The Buckeye neighborhood offers multiple assets for the project to leverage, including the Cleveland Public Library’s Rice Branch, senior housing at St. Luke’s Manor, the E. 116th RTA Rapid Station, and the Buckeye Farms urban agriculture site on Woodland Avenue.

 Making Our Own Space @ Buckeye is made possible through the generous support of the Saint Luke's Foundation