MOOS @ Glenville

In July 2019, the MOOS program launched a three-week workshop at the Glenville Recreation Center, in collaboration with the City of Cleveland’s Office of Summer Programs. MOOS students focused on improvements to make the Glenville Recreation Center and surrounding site more comfortable and welcoming to people of all ages.

Over three weeks, the students designed and constructed temporary and permanent pojects including seating, shade structures, and an ingenious collection of designs that build on the row of bollards at the edge of the Glenville Recreation Center site. Using inquiry-based learning through hands-on experiences and interdisciplinary studies, the program provides enriching summer experiences that promote physical activity, foster social interaction, and connect young people with their communities. MOOS helps to create confident, civic-minded young people skilled in problem solving, and capable of creative thinking. 

 Making Our Own Space @ Glenville Recreation is made possible through the generous support of the City of Cleveland Division of Recreation.