MOOS @ Shaker Heights

In April 2016, the MOOS program began work with students living in The City of Shaker Heights’ Moreland neighborhood. Supporting the mission of the Moreland Innovation Zone, MOOS students will design and build physical interventions that enhance their community.

Specific sites for built work are selected collaboratively by project leaders and the MOOS students, but are concentrated in public parks and vacant City-owned lots. The focus area offers multiple assets for the project to leverage, including the emerging “Innovation Zone,” The Dealership, Gigabit Fiber access, and several design firm offices. 

Constructed by the students, the project deliverables are temporary and permanent physical enhancements installed in their neighborhood. Projects to date include outdoor furniture, play structures, public art/engagement installations, streetscape improvements, and other student-conceived projects. Using inquiry-based learning through hands-on experiences and interdisciplinary studies, the program provides enriching out of classroom experiences that promote physical activity, foster social interaction, and connect youth with their communities. MOOS helps to create confident, civic-minded young people skilled in problem solving, and capable of creative thinking. 

 Making Our Own Space @ Shaker Heights is made possible through the generous support of the City of Shaker Heights.