Making Our Own Stories is a youth podcast about placemaking.

The podcast reveals the stories behind the projects built through the Making Our Own Space workshops. MOOStories puts the mic in the hands of youth, training them to craft and tell stories they find interesting—in their own voice.  

In each episode youth share their concerns and the stories of people living and working in the neighborhood, and they relate the oral histories of their community. Students interview teachers, neighbors, local leaders, city officials, and each other to better understand the messy and malleable process that shapes their neighborhood.   

MOOStories is led by a team of partners including Katie Slusher of Kent State University's Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative (CUDC): community leader and independent radio broadcaster D'Angelo Knuckles, David Jurca, founder of Seventh Hill, and Sidewalk founder and urban planner Justin Glanville.

Making Our Own Stories is made possible through the generous support of the Cleveland Foundation's Minority Arts & Education Fund. 

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